Friday, September 20, 2013

No-Sew Super Full Tulle Skirt Tutu {DiY}

You will need at least 20 yards of tulle fabric. Wide verity of colors available. I used Ivory. You will need a piece of elastic to fit around your models waist. I bought everything I needed at Walmart. Fabric was 98cents a yard!!! Measure the length of fabric by holding it against your model. Find your length and cut KEEPING THE FABRIC DOUBLED just like how it comes off the bolt. NOW! Just measure off other pieces from your first cut and loop through (like shown in photo). DON'T pull too tight because you may have to adjust once its on your model. I matched my tutu up with a cute ivory bustier I had...PERFECT FOR MY PHOTO SHOOT! *LIKE* us on facebook to see this TUTU used on many different models and MANY other DIY photography props. AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR PHOTO WITH US ON FACEBOOK IF YOU'VE MADE AND USED A TUTU FOR YOUR PHOTOS!! --------------------->>>>>