Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY Newborn photo photography props Crowns trim fabric from

Here is another simple DIY photography prop from Hampton Photography. SIMPLE! All you need is a roll of trim fabric. I bought mine from Wal-mart BUT you can buy this in any fabric store. Make sure it's flat on one side and sort of has a crown shape to it. For newborn photos I cut a 10.5 inch length, then spray it with either GOLD or SILVER spray paint (you can buy this at any hardware store)let it dry, then spray with FABRIC STIFFENER (also from Wal-mart) The brand I used was Aleene's Stiffen Quick also sold at Michaels craft store. Spray with stiffener let dry and repeat to you get your perfect stiffness (is that even a word). Last! you just hot glue it with your GLUE GUN (sold everywhere). I use a large plastic cup and let it dry around it to take circular shape. THAT'S IT!!! LIKE us on facebook to see this crown used on many different models and MANY other DIY photography props. AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR PHOTO WITH US ON FACEBOOK IF YOU'VE MADE AND USED A CROWN FOR YOUR PHOTOS!! --------------------->>>>>